Free Online Manpower Consultancy in India is a new online web portal which provides the manpower and connects the workers and professionals to the public at their locations., and belong to RUSHER MANPOWER CONSULTANCY incorporated at 17-6, Jyothinagar, Hyderabad, AndhraPradesh, India. This is the first site in India to provide free manpower consultancy and to connect the non internet people to the online users. In the present generation technology was highly developed, most of the works are done by using the internet like bus tickets, train reservation, consultancy, interviews, jobs, online shopping etc… every individual and company is providing their services through online. But the people who do not know how to use the internet are not available online. They can do the works and they can provide the services to the public, but they cannot update their services online. Who are they? They are daily labor, plumbers, cooks, electricians, mechanics, florists, tailors, barbers, washer men, servants, sweepers, fitters, part time drivers' vehicles (autos, cars, jeeps, trucks and other vehicles), computer services etc.… and professionals like lawyers, doctors, drivers, stenographers, photographers, translators, guides, beauticians, DTP operators, etc.… provides the contact details of all these workers and professionals in our website. This is a low cost listing and Advertisement. People just log on to our site and search for their requirement.

Listing: So all these type of individual workers, professionals and self employees will get listed in our website. We provide them publicity, advertisements through search engines to improve their services. We will provide them the clients according to their requirements to the listing people in their locations. Listing Fee: Rs. 150/- + 18.54 service tax